“one battery at a time”

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In addition to documenting the the storm drain outflows, and measuring visibility in our local waters, Beneath the Looking Glass project also wants to do some ‘hands on good’ with regards to conservation and reclamation.   This includes beach cleanups and UW cleanups.   An item that has been nagging at me for years is discarded batteries.   I needed a solid team of divers to finally start making my dream of removing as many of them as possible a reality.   The Beneath the Looking Glass Dive team is just that, an excellent, highly skilled group of team oriented divers!  So we ventured forth, despite the weather reports of a a cold snowy Saturday and kicked off our “one battery at a time” initiative!   we can’t make it all better over night, but if we get out on a battery removal dive once a week or even every other week, we can slowly make a dent in the pollution caused by these nasty items.   Thank you to Adrian and Lamont for helping make this dream into a reality!!!  Just as we we reached the battery of interest, the sun came out and stuck with us until we were loaded up an on our way…  I think the weather gods like it when people try to do good for the Puget Sound, no matter the size of the intent or the result.


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