I need your vote!

Dear Friends,

Due to our efforts cleaning up and removing over 1000 lbs of discarded marine and automotive batteries from a West Seattle scuba diving site, I have recently been honored with a nomination for the Cox Conserves Hero award.  This award comes with a small funding opportunity which I would like to see used toward combating our local environmental problems.  If I win this award, I have chosen “Don’t Feed the Monster”, a subsidiary of Sustainable West Seattle as my non-profit honorary grant recipient.

For this to happen,  I need your vote!  http://www.kirotv.com/s/heroes/

The Puget Sound harbors an amazing abundance of life and profound diversity of habitat.   Although the Salish Sea often looks serene and beautiful on the surface, there is a fight for survival going on just beyond the shoreline.   It is a battle between the creatures that call it home and a massive influx of toxins and roadside debris; much of this results from our polluted storm outfall.  The waterways and their inhabitants are being overwhelmed by an increasingly populated metropolis.

The Salish Sea is more than a collection of names and places on a chart.  These same waters give us recreation, inspiration and livelihood, it is our duty to protect them.

This story does not need to have a sad ending.  There are agencies, government and non-profit alike, lobbying for measures to decrease our impact by reducing this flow of waste and toxins.  But this problem is too big for independent efforts; it requires a coordinated, community response.

The beautiful waters that we take for granted need YOU!   Every single one of us can make a difference with the choices we make on a daily basis.   You don’t need to be wealthy or have loads of time to donate; you CAN make small changes to your daily activities that will have a profound overall impact.   Many people taking small steps over time can develop into a formidable force, fixing seemingly overwhelming problems.

If I am lucky enough to be selected, I would like to see this donation help jump start public awareness for our “7 simple solutions” program (via educational videos and multi-media) which will in turn help educate the general public and help reduce the flow of polluted and toxic storm water runoff into Puget Sound.

I need your support for our continued efforts to make Puget Sound healthier for the future, one person at a time….

YOU can be a part of the solution by voting for me at the KIRO Cox Conserves Hero web site.  http://www.kirotv.com/s/heroes/

Thank you for your time,

Laura James


4 thoughts on “I need your vote!

  1. Does the funding go directly to you or to an agency? What is the accountability chain that the funding goes where you claim it will go? Just wondering as the last dive focused on collection was two months ago according to this blog and no future dives are slated.

  2. Good questions George.

    The Cox Conserves award goes directly to Sustainable West Seattle, I have zero control over those funds.

    With regards to dives posted here, that is partially just me getting busy and not blogging as much, sorry if i left you looking for things to do/read about.

    I have spent the past couple months diving with Pacific Marine Research’s Marine Science Afloat program and mentoring some newer divers. Usually I encourage volunteer divers to come out when I am doing this but we were testing a new communication and semi-wireless video system so the dives were not always as straightforward as one would hope, and adding another person to the mix that is not familiar with what is going on was more of a potential safety issue, so i had to weight the risk/benefit ratio.

    The Spring plankton bloom and sunnier days have brought summer underwater. With that comes a heavy ‘ground cover’ of Brown Algae such as ribbon kelp and LOTS of Ulva (Sea Lettuce) this covering makes it very hard to find batteries and trash. Instead we’ve been looking at beach clean ups and community outreach including both children and elderly.

    There is one battery that I know of left to ‘clean up’ at the old seacrest marina site, and I have an idea of where it is but each time i’ve gone looking for it, it has eluded me due to the ground cover (or someone else has cleaned it and if that is the case, AWESOME!)

    Some pictures and stories I have not been able to share because of the Cox nomination, such as bringing the tide pools to the elderly folks because the reporters were there and asked not to share pictures until the announcement was made.

    We’ve been focusing on documenting storm drains this spring and then seasonal changes over the summer months, along with bringing the “visibility project” on line.

    Thank you for your interest, I hope I was able to answer your questions… We are still out diving, documenting and sharing… Please feel free to email me with any more questions.

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