The future just got a lot smoother

Well, technically thats “future video i’ll be shooting”  🙂

What arrived on the porch today?  Something i’ve been dreaming of for a while now (to the tune of years) and finally made the first babysteps in that direction.  

Glidecam 4000!

What does this mean for you, my fabulous readers?  It means more topside footage to set up the story for my environmental videos!!!!!   It means MOAR SHOOTING!   It means I might be hitting some of you up to come be milling about extras looking pensively at stormdrains! 

It means…. MORE VIDEOS! 

Don’t worry, concurrently i’ll be working to shoot more creative underwater footage, so its not like this will cut into the diving videos.

I won’t bore you all here with the arrival, set up, balancing, etc..  the minutia can be read here:  The Continuing Adventures of DiverLaura


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